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The year is 2075.
The streets are alive with the vibrant clash of metahumanity, metal, and magic.

Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon.

// upload newsclip item :: user F00L:: 12/24/75 //

Christmas Crime in Cambridge

>Linguini Morelli was murdered at the local watering hole, Limelight. A calling card has been left at the scene, leading most investigators to suspect that there is a Serial Killer hunting Mobsters.
>The Calling Card has led Chief Locke and his Investigation team to calling the unknown assailant “the Phantom”.
>Chief Locke will be running his campaign for Sheriff.

// End Attachment //

> -Sounds like a convenient way to dispose of wise guys if you ask me – Angel

>Let’s just try to avoid being caught up in the crossfire… – Slab

> Whatever happened to the good old days? – Cerberus

Home Page

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